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Academic Excellence
Professional Experience


“Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.”
                                   - Warren Buffett

What We Expect

"Helping us to help you"

We ask you to market yourself with conviction as an asset to be prized by a lucky employer.  You are the best product you will ever sell and you must believe in yourself.

In return for our help and as a condition of registration: -

  • We require you to be 100% honest with us, on your CV and at interview 
  • We expect you to do your own research and not rely on us for information about our clients with whom you interview 
  • We expect you to prepare thoroughly before you interview with our clients; you will not only be representing us but also our entire candidate base, and just as your good performance will assist other candidates from OxbridgeGroup who interview at a later date with the client, so your unprepared performance could prejudice the client against your fellows
  • We expect you not to contact directly clients about whom we have briefed you without our permission; they are our clients and we earn our fees by presenting you to them and managing communication between you and them
  • We expect you to keep in touch with us regularly, informing us about other interviews that you attend or job offers that you receive - and especially those you accept!
  • We need you to help us keep our database containing your CV and contact details up to date so we can contact you easily if an opportunity arises that might interest you, or if we need to contact you about other matters (see below)

Helping us to help others

We will also need your help, maybe immediately, maybe in the future - to help our other candidates.  They, in turn will help you, because what goes around, comes around.  Such help includes: -

  • Introducing us to the most capable of your friends and colleagues so we can register them as candidates
  • Passing on leads about vacancies and opportunities within employers so that we can, in turn, alert other candidates
  • Recommending or referring us to hiring authorities within your current or past employers - acting as our ambassador
  • Providing us with 'inside intelligence' about your employers....What's happening?...What are the big issues?...Who is hiring?...Who is firing?...Who are the stars being fast-tracked for promotion?...Whose position could soon be vacant?

In offering your help, we do not expect you to compromise your own employment position, betrary your company, or force your friends or employer to do business with us against their will.  But we do ask you go the extra half-mile for us in return for us going the extra two miles for you.