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Academic Excellence
Professional Experience


“Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.”
                                   - Warren Buffett

What We Offer

"We will work without limit to help talented candidates realise their career aspirations"

Candidates who meet our standards for excellence can expect a service from us that is every bit as outstanding as they are.  To these candidates, we pledge the following:

  • We will work without limit to help you realise your career aspirations
  • We will meet you face to face and invest our time in you to prepare you properly to approach the employment market
  • We will employ the full depth of our experience and judgement to give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and the career options that are available to you
  • We will be honest with you.  Sometimes we will be critical.  This critique will include every aspect of your personal projection - anything that could affect your chances of getting the right job 
  • We will coach you to present yourself in the best possible light in person at interview and on paper through your CV
  • We will shortlist you for positions we are recruiting for our clients
  • We will alert you to other opportunities of which we are aware, whether or not we they exist within one of our clients
  • Where appropriate we will introduce you to our clients, even if we are not aware of any current vacancy.  We will help you market yourself directly to your preferred employment sector and employers of choice
  • We will be creative.  We will find innovative ways for you to get ahead of the mass also looking for opportunities within Britain’s top companies
  • We will be patient with you and persevere with our clients on your behalf
  • We will be discrete.  Your relationship with us will remain completely confidential and we will not compromise your position with your current employer

We cannot guarantee that all our clients will interview you.  But we can guarantee that those to which we believe you could make a contribution will know about you.  And we are confident that your chances of achieving your employment ambitions will be enhanced if you entrust us to work with you.