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“Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.”
                                   - Warren Buffett

Helping Talent Reach Its Potential

"We get incredibly motivated when we meet an outstanding candidate."

OxbridgeGroup’s defining vision is to help our candidates achieve theirs’.  We leap out of bed each morning with unceasing excitement about assisting Britain’s brightest young stars to reach their potential.

We get incredibly motivated when we meet an outstanding candidate.  We get inspired by their intellect.  We are aroused by their ambition and by everything they might become.

Some of our drive to assist candidates in such an altruistic manner stems from our memory of what it was like to be young and bright and looking for a new job.  In our previous lives, we registered with recruitment agencies who obviously cared more about their commissions than providing honest advice to their candidates.  We had jobs forced on us that we said we did not want.  We attended interviews for which we had been badly briefed.  We failed to get feedback or get our phone calls returned.  Worst of all, we struggled not to become disheartened by their refusal to believe there could be a better way.

We formed OxbridgeGroup because we wanted candidates to have access to the advice and opportunity that we wished we'd had when we graduated from university or looked for a new career.